Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nov 8: Not Exactly Spaghetti

Sam's email from Nov. 8:

"Dear Family

This week was awesome. Elder Jones and I have been working really hard. I am very happy this week because i got some news about Cantonments, all of my recent converts there are doing really good. They were able to baptize all the people that elder Madamombe and I were teaching before i left. And they were able to get Brother A confirmed! I really miss Cantonments and I am happy it is doing so well.

We are teaching a man named brother E, he is an older man with white hair. We have been teaching him for about 4 weeks now. He used to be a Muslim, but he slowly became a Christian. That is a really good thing for us because right now we are not really allowed to teach Muslims unless we get permission from president for like a special case or something. And since brother E is a Christian we have complete permission to teach him. We have been going to teach him and he understands everything really well. Each time we leave we will leave him a pamphlet to read. The thing that suprizes me about brother E is he goes into the pamphelts very deep. Which is something i am not completely used to because most Ghanaians don't keep the commitments we give them to read the pamphlets. But anyways he reads very deep into each point the pamphlet makes and then when we come he asks us a ton of questions. Somehow we are usually able to answer all his questions.( i think because heavenly father helped) We got him to come to church this week and watch conference. I am pretty sure that he is going to have plenty of questions as we go back to see him this week. I really love teaching brother E because he has such a strong desire to know the truth. The other day we went to see him and he said something i really loved. He said " you are telling me that there is only one truth on the earth, and i want to know if you have the truth." We he said that it was really cool because you could just feel the desire he had from his voice. I really hope as we continue to teach brother E we will be able to help him find the truth.

Elder Jones has been trying to cook lately. And sometimes his meals turn out to be very delicious, but sometime not so much. The other night he made me laugh very hard. We were walking home and he said to me "elder beck I think to night i am gonna make spaghetti" I asked him if he was sure he could do it, he said "yeah its not as hard as you think" Later that night I heard screams from the kitchen screaming about spaghetti. The problem is Elder Jones will ask more for advice on cooking but i don't really know anything about cooking, but still i give him the advice anyways. That night my advice turned out to be the worst thing he could have done in cooking and his spaghetti turned out to not exactly be spaghetti. Then last night we had another funny experience.I wanted to eat something called Japadees Now i don't know how to make Japadees, but elder Jones does. So I convinced elder Jones to make them. He said all i had to do was find some flour for him to use. So i went around in the kitchen and under the sink i found a bag of some white stuff. I took it to elder Jones and told him it was flour. So he took it and went and started using it to make the Japadees. I went in the other room and i kept hearing Elder Jones say "elder Beck are you sure this is flour?" and to be honest i really thought it was flour, so i told him again it was flour. About 30 minutes later i heard elder Jones, and i went into the kitchen and elder Jones said " I think something is the matter with this flour. Its not working." He had tried to cook it but it just broke into pieces. Just as this is happening Elder Maloni walked into the room and said " hey what are you doing to my corn Mill" It was pretty funny, and it made me laugh very hard.

As for everything Else i am doing great. I am really enjoying being on mission. Thankyou so much for all the Emails. I love you. Have a awesome week."

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