Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ghana Sam

Here is another excerpt from Sam's email this week:

"I want you to know that i am doing very well. We had another Baptism this week. We Baptized a man named G and a woman named S. We most importantly completed their families. Sister S's husband was already a member and all of Brother G's family was baptized, but him. His wife H was so happy the day of his Baptism. She was hugging him and holding his hand. It was really great to see that because a lot of people in Africa do not show affection in that way.

Elder Farnbach and i were out in Owhto again this week. We some how ended up on a huge hill was up in the country where you could see the whole town and a lot of the country side below us. We were up there talking about how cool it looked and we felt that we should say a prayer. I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but we knelt down and that hill over Owhto and said a prayer to be guided to the people that need to hear our message. We got an amazing feeling and went back to work. When we were working we really forgot about that prayer we had said. We ended up having an awesomely amazing day. We were really teaching with the spirit. We ended up back in the camp and we taught a man named Brother W. When we found brother W he was very excited to see us. He told us that his friends in Accra having been telling him all about the church. He said he never wanted to investigate it because people have said some very bad things about the church to him. Brother W also told us though that he has always had a good feeling about the church despite what others have said. He brought his family to church on Sunday, and told us enough is enough, he needs to be baptized in the true church.It was an awesome experience. Well back to the day , we ended up going home that night and we were trying to figure out what was so different about this day than others. We remembered how we had said that prayer up on the hill of Owhto. We now have decided that we are going to go say a prayer up on that Hill every time were in Owhto. Now that i think about it heavenly father is giving me so many spiritual experiences. I am so glad we found brother W, i have honestly never met a man so excited about joining the church. he is an awesome man.

Also on Sunday the stake 1st counselor came out to our church. After church he took me and elder Farnbach and all the ward leaders and sat them down. He taught all the ward leaders how the ward should be running and how they can better help the Missionaries. It made me so happy, and it also made me realize that the church in Africa is in its early stages. It is in the same state here as it was in America during Josephs smiths time. I also realized that i need to be more patient with the ward. Most of the ward leader have been member for about no longer than 10 years. They are very new to the church and they having never seen it run correctly. As bad as things are in Africa things are only going to get better as long as the church continues to grow."

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