Monday, February 8, 2010

Marriage Counseling

Sam's email this week:

"Dear Family,

Thank you again for your Emails. What is new at home?

I am loving my mission. I really am, the other day we got a brand new missionary from America. He was walking around the apartment all wide eyed, stunned at this is where he would be living for the next 2 years. He asked what i thought of my mission so far? I told him i was loving it. After i said it i paused for a second and thought about what i had just said. It was the first time in my whole mission that i said that and really meant it, and you know what, its true. I love coming home at night tired knowing i worked as hard as i could that day. It really is the best feeling when you come home and you know you gave that day everything you had.

This week has been a pretty good week. My companion and i worked our butts off this week and got 16 investigators to come to church. It was way crazy. Its amazing how fast the church is growing in Africa.

There is a family we are teaching. They are the W's, they are great. The father, brother W,(i told you about last week) really wants to be baptized. So we have been teaching them a lot to get them prepared, but the other day we got a call from sister W that she need us to come visit them right away. So we went as soon as we could. When we got there sister W told us that we should push her baptism back because brother W and her were fighting and planing on getting a divorce. When she said this brother W interrupted her and said in a very concerned voice "i still want mine right away!" That didn't help the fight but to say in short they wanted us to counsel them on there marriage. I tried to refer them to the bishop, but the kept insisting that we do it. So there i was counseling 2 middle aged people on there marriage. I tried my best, but there again i have not been married before, so i had very little experience. I would have never thought that I would have to do that in a million years before my mission. It is really crazy what i am learning from this mission.

We are having another baptism this Saturday. We are baptizing 4 people.I will tell you how everything turned out next week.

I am really glad that everyone is okay back home. Please keep me up dated on everyone's situations. I love you so much.
Elder Beck

P.S.- I made it to shop right... it was amazing!"

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Lynn said...

Elder Beck,
It was so exciting reading about your investigators, baptisms and ESPECIALLY your marriage counseling opportunities. We miss your smiling face but are happy that the sweet people of Ghana are able to feel the love you have for them when you share that smile. Have a great week..working hard always reaps a wonderful harvest. If you can lay your head down at night and know that you did your best..there is nothing more that heavenly Father would ask of his choicest missionaries. Love to you..everyday. Sister Lynn Williams