Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sam's email this week:

"Dear Family

Well about my week. I kind of got a little sick this week, but i got through it and i feel a lot better today. We had a baptism on Saturday. We Baptized a 4 people. There names are R, T, L, and of course W. I want to tell you a little bit about all of them.

I will start off with R. R is a Liberian and that i found a long time ago with my first companion. We have been teaching him small small for a long time. It was very hard to get him to believe that the Book of Mormon was true, but we never gave up on him and now he knows its true. I know that R will stay a strong member.

The next person is a young boy named T. He is a 12 year old Liberian, his parents have been members for about one year now. I like T very much, at first he was very shy to Elder Farnbach and I, but as we worked with him he became my very good friend. His father got up and bore his Testimony about him last week. He talked about how he had asked T earlier if he thought the church was true, T told him he knew if was true, his father asked "how do you know?" Titus told him that he could feel it, is father asked "how can you feel it?" T told him he could feel it down deep in his bones. It made me so happy to know that i was a part of helping this wonderful joy come into this family, but there again the spirit did most of the work. T is a great kid and plus his middle name is Eazy, how cool is that?

Well on to L. L is a Liberian that the missionaries have been teaching for a long time now, even before i came. She has almost been Baptized many times, but always decided she was not ready at the end because of her confidence to keep the Law of Chasity. I remember a couple of weeks ago we were teaching her and i asked her if she believed that the church was true. She said "Yes." I told her that i didn't believe her. This made her kind of mad and she asked "Why!" I told her that if she really believed she would be Baptized and she would be strong in keeping the commandments. When we left her house i really thought that she would never be baptized, but the next thing i know she is asking when is the soonest time she can be Baptized. L was very excited to be baptized and she wants to go to the Temple as soon as possible to be Baptized for her Father.

Last but not Least is Brother W. Oh brother W, i don't even know where to start. I have all ready told you a little bit about Brother W. He is a great man, i have been very stressed about getting him ready for Baptism. He is one of the smartest Liberians but has had challenges from war to marriage. With a lot of help form Heavenly father we were able to get him ready for Baptism. He was very very excited on Saturday.(the day of the Baptism) When he got to the church we had all the baptismal candidates up sitting in the front. Brother W was sitting next to R. I was watching him for a second he was looking around very excited and he leaned over to R and said " So um you've come in contact with the Restored truth too?" R looked a little confused and leaned back and said "Yea" and the friendship was born. When i saw that it made me laugh with so much joy. It made me really feel like i taught Brother W well.I had the opportunity to be a witness during his Baptism. After he came up from the water he looked at me and game me the Fist pump, i quickly gave it back. That also made me laugh. I know W will be an awesome member of the church.

The baptism went great. The roof broke open again, but we got it all fixed up before the baptism started. That night though there was a really bad storm, it rained all night super hard. When we left for church we had to walk in water because everywhere got flooded. Because of the storm only R and T made it on time to be confirmed and church. W and L showed up after sacrament meeting. Its crazy how a storm like that can slow down Ghana so much.

Thank you so much for all that you do. I want you all to know that i always remember you in my prayers. I love you so much and i hope you have an amazing week.
Love Elder Sam Beck"

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