Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Toilets in Africa Flush Straight Down

Sam's email last week (I'm a week late posting):

"Dear Family,

I want to answer Joeys question right now so i don't forget. When you flush the toliet here, it does not spin it just goes strait down. I don't know if that's because we have a crap toilet or if it is because i am so close to the equator, but i have a sneaking suspicion it is because of the Equator. It sounds like the family is recovery from all the sickness.

This week has gone by pretty fast for me. Wednesday night i got to go to another area. I went to a place called Adorko for a 24 hour split with the zone Leaders. The Adorko apartment is way nice compared to mine in Kasoa. It was really hot that night so me and Elder King slept out on there Balcony. It was a lot cooler out there but the downside was that i got eaten alive by Mosquitoes. It was not so nice. The next day was pretty fun, i went proselyting in there area. It was nice to see more of Ghana. The area in Adorko is a lot richer than Buduburam. I think Buduburam is the poorest area in the mission by the way. It was really crazy to see people with real live houses. They weren't nice houses, but they were houses.

Then on friday we went in for interviews with the president and also got to go to the temple. The Temple was so awesome, the spirit was way way strong there. When i was in there i just kept thinking it has to be impossible for someone to come here and to not feel the spirit. After words i was able to buy some really cool African ties that i am going to send home really soon. I also learned there that Elder Holling is coming to speak to us. He is coming on Wednesday, i am way excited, i am going to meat an Apostle!!

Mallory you know how you said you get scared when you have to say prays in front of large groups. Well i know exactly how you feel. On Sunday when it was time for Brother W to be confirmed the bishop stood up and said Elder beck will be doing the confirmation. It caught me by surprise really bad. i was walking up there thinking about what i should say and i realized that i didn't even know how to start the prayer. Well i got up there and started to do the confirmation. And by the way most African think prayers need to be exact. Well i started the prayer and i said by the "power and authority," in the priesthood hand book it says it only needs to be the "authority" So the bishop made me start over like 3 times, but the fourth time i got everything right. After that i studied all the prayers so much that i do not think i will ever forget them.

Mom as for my sickness last week it really was not that bad. It started with all my sinus blowing up like crazy. i thought it was allergies, but i got really bad body aches and a fever. I had to go back to the apartment and rest i slept for like 5 hours and that helped a lot. I did not push my self very hard at all the next few days after that. All this week my sinuses have been going back to normal. I think i am completely healed and i am trying to eat a lot of oranges. i think the vitamin C will help keep me healthy.

I am sorry if this Email is not as long as normal, i really want to keep writing, but the computers are pieces of junk today. I love you all so much. Thank you for all you do form me.I am really happy that both you Mom and Dad are felling a lot better. I always pray for you and the rest of the family. I love you.
Love Elder Beck"

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