Monday, March 15, 2010

Buduburam Orphans

Sam's email this week:

"Dear Family,

I am very glad that Dad is doing well. I have been praying as hard as i can. Tell Ricky thank you for being there to help comfort him for me. I love looking at the pictures.He looks like he is doing really good. I have so many questions about him but i don't even know where to start. Just try and tell me more about what is going on with him.

So it turns out that i will be transfered this Wednesday. I am not sure where i am going yet , but i am sure that i am that i will be transfered because Elder Farnbach is training. I kinda hope i go out to the bush, but i am not sure if thats really what i want. (if that makes sense) I am really gonna miss Buduburam. I have made friends with so many people here. I am gonna miss all the Orphans a lot. I haven't told you much about the orphans, but basically i have been trying to get them baptized for a long time. I have spent a lot of time trying to talk president Smith into the idea. He always says no because they are children and there would be no one there to help them keep coming to church. Some of those kids have promised me that they will keep coming to church, but i have to listen to president. Elder Farnbach has promised me that he will never give up on the quest to get the orphans Baptized so i think even with me gone we still got a shot. There is a women here named Sister S here. That is absolutely awesome. She was practicality the first person to welcome me to Buduburam and i will also miss her.

A little about my week though, we met this crazy guy that has been contacted that is from this crazy apostate group of our church. It was pretty freaky how much anti stuff he had about the church. I told Elder Farnbach to be care full about taking the new guy to see him. It would be a shame to see someone loose there testimony because of him. I wanted to ask Dad and Nate if they ever ran into anti stuff on there missions? In the end though Elder Farnbach and I shut him down, he said he wanted to back and study some more and then come back and talk. So we just bore our testimony's to him and let him go.

On Wednesday we went in and had Zone conference. There was an Elder talking to us that was leaving to go home in a couple of days. He was talking about knowing what to teach when to teach it. I have read and have been taught that the spirit is the main thing that guides you when you teach. Now the way this Elder was talking he made it sound like he had some tricks to knowing what to teach. So i raised my hand and asked "so what is the trick?" He just smiled at me and said "Now thats the question that everybody need to know the answer to" then he explained to us that it really just boils down to the spirit. A person could be asking questions about the word of wisdom and you could need to teach them about something that has nothing to do with that . It became extremely clear to me at that moment that the only way you can truly know what to teach is by following the spirit. Since then i have been trying very hard to listen. Sometimes it is very hard to recognize it, but it is there and if you listen very closely it will guide you.

Please just keep me updated on everything.Tell jenny and joe that i have a good feeling about everything that is going on with dad and i have high hopes that the cancer is completely gone. I apologize for my short Emails lately, next week i promise to tell you about every inch of my new Area. I love you all so much and please let me know if there is anything i can do. I love you.
Love Sam

P.S. your the best family in the whole world"

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