Monday, April 5, 2010

Flat Tires and 1000 Roaches

Sam's email this week:
"Dear family,

I am very glad that everyone had a great week. It sounds like Dad is doing really well. Like always i am fasting and praying for him and the rest of the family.

My week was pretty good this week. I don't know if i have told you, but my area is very far and all we have are 2 broken bikes. So we usually walk, but on Tuesday we decided to get them fixed. So we worked on them, bought new tires and fixed them out as best we could. We took them out for the day and my companions bike worked great, but my bikes tire popped about 4 times and we ended up walking again but also with our bikes. So then we were back to walking again, it reminds me of all the hikes i went on when i was back home. I think i could hike any mountain very easy now.

Oh yeah mom i will answer your question about the appartment. Our appartment is pretty nice compared to Kasoa, but its very smsall. To be honest i like kasoa better. The thing that sucks about this one is that we have 1000 roaches everywhere. We come home at night and before we turn on the lights i hear them crawling all over the table. When the lights come on they scatter everywhere and we go crazy trying to kill them all. I think the roaches are our fault for leaving our food out. There used to be 4 of us in the appartment , but as of today there will only be 2, Elder Ewudzie and my self. Elder Ewudzie and i are gonna try to clean the place up real nice and keep it way clean so all the roaches will go away. Well we hope they go away.

I didnt get the chance to watch conference out here, but i guess in a couple of weeks they will let us watch them in church. Im not sure if this man spoke, but there is a seventy in my ward. His name Ahadjie. He always invites us over to eat. He has a way nice house, the only one i have seen with a Basketball hoop. So i dont know if he spoke, but i know he went.

Well i am sorry, but i am running out of time. thankyou again for the emails. I am writhing letters describing my area in more detail and they should be there in a couple of weeks. I love you all so much.

Love Elder Sam Beck"

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