Monday, April 26, 2010

6 month mark!

Sam's email this week:
"My Dearest family,

It was wonderful to hear from you this week . It sounds like everyone is doing pretty good. My week for the most part has been pretty good. The other day i reached my six month mark. That means i am now half way to half way. When i actauly reach half way i wont know what to do with myself! Mom thankyou i got a package on wednesday. it had a ton of facewash beef jeky and other food. Madasee Pa! ( thankyou very much)

On Saturday we had a baptism. My first one since i have been here in New Legon. We baptized 2 people. There names were V and A.

V is 25 years old. She is pretty cool girl. She has a strong desire about the church and really enjoys to come. I have never had one of my baptisimal canidates arive to there baptism before i did, but V did. She was so ready to be baptized she came plenty early.

A is little 9 year old girl that doesn't speak english. She moved in with her aunt and uncle about 2 months ago. Her aunt and uncle are strong members, so it was only a matter of time before she was baptized. It was pretty cute, on sunday she was nervous for her comfermation so she came and grabed my hand and made me sit with her. It was way before church started so i wanted to go and greet my investigators as they came in. Every time i stood up she would hold up her finger and say "Tinasee!" Which means sit down. So i just had to wave to them as they came in.

The baptism went great. We had a lot of members there supporting them. I miss Buduburam, but i definitely don't miss the baptisms there. Members would never come.

I am figuring out here in New lagon that you have to use the members to be successful. Sometimes Elder Ewudzie and I contact all day and we dont find any one serious. If we ask a member to talk to someone, they are atomatically interested in the church. For example there is this guy named C we are teaching. He is way tight. I love this guy like my brother. The way we found him was because a member had talked to him about the church and invited him to come. If it weren't for that member we would have never found him. C is a way cool guy that is from northern ghana. I love talking with him because his accent is so much different than everyone else's. Every time he sees me he comes up and gives me the biggest hug. I am hoping so much that we baptize him.

Our area is starting to turn around we have a lot of people to teach now. I think it was a little bit because i changed my attitude. When i first got here we had no one to teach at all. For a little bit i was irritated. It took me a little while, but i finally realized that it doesnt matter what the area is, it matters what the missionary does. When i starting thinking like that, things started to get a lot better. And now we are doing great .

Well thank you for all the Emails. I love reading them more than anything, and i love my family more than anything. I want you to know that i am really enjoying being out here. I have learned more in the past 6 months that i have my whole life. I hope everyone has a great week.

Love Elder Sam Beck!"

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