Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Sam's email this week:

"Dear family,

Thank you for all the Emails. I have come to the discovery that today is almost mothers day if that makes sense. That basically means i will be getting to call you very soon. It sounds like everyone had a great week.

I had a pretty good week. Two new Elders moved into our apartment. The 2 elders names are Elder Nwachuku (from nigeria) and surprisingly Elder Luster (from about 30 minutes north of Vancouver). its pretty cool having Elder Luster in the Apartment, we talk all the time. We just go off on how cool Washington is. Overall it is way awesome having 2 more Elders in the apartment, it can get pretty loney with just you and your companion.

On thursday we were teaching 2 young guys named F and E. We have been teaching them for a while We were talking to them about the Book of Mormon. They both were refusing to beleive it. F finaly said " Even if this church is true i would defently say that this book is loosing you souls" All of the sudden i just went off, bearing my testimony. I told him that if it were not for the book of mormon i would not be out on a mission. I told him that i am not even sure i would beleive in Jesus Christ if it were not for this Book. I said "F you may think this book is loosing souls, but i know its not because i know it has gained 1 soul, and thats my soul." I continued to say many more things. I can honestly say that those words were not coming from me. Yes the were coming out of my mouth, but they were coming from somewhere down deep. When i finished i looked up not really relizing exactly what i had just said, and both F and E's faces completley changed. I cant really explain it, but it was really cool experience. I have never in my life felt so much power behind those words. The words that i know the Book of mormon is true.

On Sunday we had the awesome chance to listen to conference. I have never enjoyed conference so much. This was really the first time i really listened to what they were saying. It made me really sad that i didnt try and pay attention more when i was younger. General conference is the best and i have been missing it.

Sorry my letter is not super long today. The computer has not exactly been cooperating. We can talk a lot more on sunday though. I will try and call saturday night to let you know what time i will be calling sunday. i Love you all very much. Enjoy your week.

Love elder Samuel Beck"

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