Monday, May 17, 2010

Rainy Season

Sam's email this week:
"Dear Family,

It sounds like everyone had a pretty busy week.Thank you again for the Emails.

I had a pretty good week, this morning i got up early so i could finish all my washing. When i was finished i went outside to hang up my clothes and i saw a huge big black cloud in the sky heading our way. All of the sudden i got hit by wind and the next thing i knew the cloud was above my head, then it started to poor. I grabbed my clothes and ran back into the house. It rained way hard for like 3 hours. I guess it is suppose to start raining way hard here because its the rainy season. I am excited.

On Tuesday my companion and i had a way cool experience. We were teaching a woman named R. She was telling us how all the pastors she had gone to, told her she was going to hell because she wont pay them to pray for her. We told her that it doesn't cost any money to get into heaven, and if she really wanted to go we could help her. When we said that her face instantly became so happy. She told us that when shes gets to heaven she will go and find Jesus and tell him, we were the boys who brought her to heaven. That touched me so much. When someone says something like that it makes all this work worth it. She is going to be baptized on the 5th with her husband S.

Another cool experience i had on Sunday, we were teaching this man F. He is way confused about the church because there is an apostate church that came from Sidney Rigdon in his area. After church was over i sat down and talked about the history of the church with him. When we finished i could really tell the spirit was there. I told him i can read the history of the church to you all day, F, but the reason i know its true isnt because of history, its because i can feel it. Then i said and you can feel it too huh? He just quickly nodded his head and said yes. It was pretty cool. I hope we get to baptize that guy.

It sounds like joey is becoming an athlete, when i read that he made that long throw from 3rd base to throw someone out it made me really proud. I don't want to forget so i will wish jenny a happy birthday...So...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY.

Thank you for everything i love everyone so much. Have a great week!

Love Elder Beck "

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