Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Church

Sam's email this week:

"Dear Family,

Thanks a million for the Emails. It sounds like everyone is having a great week. I am excited for you to get the boat out, just be careful. Everyone's lives are more important than the boats life. I am excited to hear that Joey is gonna be pitching in next weeks game. It sounds like he is becoming twice the ball player i ever was.

As for me my week has been pretty good. I told you how my area is very far from the church and that they have been building a church in my area. Well the church was supposed to be finished back in December, but for some reason or an other that did not happen. When i arrived here they kept telling us 2 weeks and it will open, but they told us two weeks every week. So i really was starting to think it would never open, but last week the area presidency ordered that we move in no matter what. So on Sunday we had church there. It was about a hundred times easier to get people to come. We had some investigators just walk in saying they have been waiting for this church to open. It was pretty cool. I love the new church a ton!

On Saturday we even had a baptism there. We baptized 2 great guys named D and P.
If i remember right I think I already told you a little bit about D. D is a young kid that has to travel very far to come to church. He got himself a white shirt and then i got him a Tie. Ever since i gave him that tie he always comes to church early every single week. I was thinks about it the other day, maybe that gift might be something that keeps him strong in the church for years to come.

P is also a young guy that has to travel very far to come to church. He actually lives very close to D. P is a guy we met the first week i was in New Legon. We would have baptized him sooner, but he had trouble coming every Sunday because of his work. He always would tell us that if the church started sooner he could come every Sunday. When we found out we were moving to the new building last week we went and saw him right away and told him that church would now be starting at 9. He was pretty happy and he asked when the soonest time he could be baptized. So we decided to baptize him the week the new church opened. It was pretty cool. I love both D and P very much.

I want everyone to know i love the very much. I want Nate to stop picking on Jenny or something is gonna happen that he doesn't want. I want you to know i pray for you every night. I hope you have a great week.

Love Elder Beck"

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