Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Umbrellas and Rich People Cars

Sam's email this week:

"Dear Family,

I know i say this every single week, but thank you again for the Emails. I am at the cafe pretty early this morning because Elder Ewudzie wants to go to the Madina market to buy some new shoes. Madina is only one town over so hopefully it wont take to long and i will be able to get back and write more.

I am very glad that the trip out on the boat went well. I am not worried about you guys I just want to remind you to always be careful. I am very glad that Nate has taken my "Oh wise counsel" and stopped teasing Jenny and I was very sad to hear that Joey didn't get to pitch at his game. The rain has been giving me a hard time here too.

This week we have gotten rained on a lot. I actually went and got my umbrella out and used it. I really thought i would never use it my whole mission, but when i saw that it was raining before we went out i jumped at the opportunity. I don't know if i will ever use it again, but at least i got my moneys worth. The reason i say i will never use it again is because the rain here is completely unpredictable. One second it could be the hottest day ever and the next is could be pouring rain just like that. The thing that sucks so much about the rain is because all the roads in my area are dirt, and the rain turns them right into mud. So all week elder Ewudzie and i have been treking through deep mud. It can be pretty tough at times. Be sides the mud though i had a great week.

We were out contacting the other day day and we found the young guy named D. We were taking to him about the church and he told us he didn't like the church because it is for rich people. We tried to explain to him that most of the members are not that rich. He said oh all your member they have cars. We told him that most of the members in Ghana do not have cars. We finally got him to believe us. We asked him if we could sit down and talk about the church, he said at the moment he was busy, but if we wanted we could come back in about an hour. We didn't have anything planed in an hour so we said we would come back. We continued contacting and in a little bit we got a call from our branch president. He said he had some extra time on his hands so he would like to drive us around and go proselyte with us. The mud was deep and the sun was hot so we gladly excepted his offer. He picked us up and we went and taught some people that we knew we be around. About a hour had passed by so we thought we would go back and see D. On the way to see D i remembered how we told him that most of the members didn't have cars and we were about to drive up in a pretty nice truck. When we arrived he started laughing, i got out of the truck and jokingly said "D, it not what you think." He just laughed and said "its exactly what i think." We ended up teaching and the lesson flowed into tithing and the blessings we can receive from paying it. He wanted to know if he payed his tithing would he automatically get a brand new car. We told him that it doesn't exactly work that way, but if you pay your tithing you will always have enough to provide for your self and family. In the end the lesson turned out very well.

To be completely honest sometimes i have a hard time teaching people here about tithing. A lot of the times they don't have much at all, but after we taught M i started to think more about tithing and the members in Ghana. Almost all the members that pay their tithing that i know of always have just enough. I am not saying their rich because most of them are not, but they always have what they need. My testimony grew a lot of tithing and the importance of it this week.

Um that's about it for me this week. Mom i haven't got any packages yet, but i know you sent some, so thank you in advance for that. I was wondering when dads next blood test will be? And i want everyone to know that i love them and i want them to have a great week.Thankyou for everything.

Love Elder Beck."


Ruth BEck said...

I wish he had some kind of boots to wear...but then he wouldn't wear them.

David and Mal said...

he'd probably give them away. haha :) Aw Sammy- I miss you, you little turd.