Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sharing Ties

Sam's email this week:

"Dear Family,

It was way great to talk to you yesterday. From what i heard on the phone it sounds like everyone doing way great. Thank you so much for talking with me. And mom i hope i didn't take too much of your mothers day up.

I will tell you just a little about my week that i didn't all ready tell you. We are teaching a lot of people right now, but we are focusing extra on 2 guys name C and D. C was supposed to be baptized on the 15th, but someone in the ward offended him, so he stopped coming to church. Elder Ewudzie and i are going to try and teach him about forgiveness and ill let you know if that works. We might baptize him on the 22nd if he decides to change his mind.

D is a way awesome guy that will be baptized on the 22nd. When he first started to come to church he didn't have a tie. So i decided it would be a great idea to give him one of mine. So i did so and every Sunday D comes walking in the door waring the tie i gave him and it puts the biggest smile on my face.I have to tell you D looks good in that tie, really good. He is very excited to be baptized, and we are doing everything we can to make sure he is ready.

I am sorry my Email is so short today, we traveled to Accra and went to a market called Cantamento. I only spent like 30 Cedis and bought a lot of cool things, but the trip was long and hard so i am very tired now. I was hoping because i got to talk to you yesterday you would be okay with a short one this week and a super long one next week. thankyou for everything. I love you.
have a great week.

Love Elder Sam Beck"

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Gaye Brown said...

Dear Elder,
I don't know you personally but I love Ghana! You are a blessed Elder to be serving there. I work with an organization called Reach The Children and have been to Ghana 3 times. Do you know Martin Obeng? He is one of our employees. I am also friends with the Opare's and Ahadje's. They are all wonderful Saints.

I am interested to know where you found the background to your blog! Please email me some info at reachthechildrengb@earthlink.net.
Sister Brown