Monday, April 19, 2010

Rastafarians and Sign Language

Sam's email this week:

"Dear family,

Thank you so much for the emails and the packages you sent. I loved the Emails and i loved the packages. I got 2 packages. 1 was the DHL. Thank you a ton for the tape, i really liked it, please send more of those and if you send me Blank tapes i can send some back. I also loved the Doredoes, i ate them all in one sitting on Sunday night. Elder Ewudzie ate all the homemade cookies you sent, he loved them. I had some too, they were pretty delicious. I also got another package from dear, that had a ton of cookies, thank you they are great. I am way happy to hear that Dads cancer Markers are low. I am started to feel really good about the whole thing now, but dad, dont go back to work too soon. Mom i am glad your down visiting aunt Julie, tell her i also love her and say hello.

I had some pretty cool experiecnes this week. The other day Elder Ewudzie and i were taking a trotro back from our district meeting. This Rastafarian got in the trotro and sat next to me. I was a little nervous because Rastafarian's are known in Ghana for beating the crap out of white guys. So i was sitting there and i got the thought maybe i should talk to him. So i turned and faced him, but for some weird reason i didnt say anything. I sat there for a some seconds facing him not saying a word. He finally turned and looked at me, I immeditaly jerked myself back to facing forward making a little bit of noise while i did it. I sat there frozen in fear not knowing what to do and He kind of laughed and said "hey are you a latter day saint?" I responded "why yes, Yes i am." Well i ended up talking to him for a little bit and found out his name was TT. before i left i went ahead and gave him our phone number. I really thought he would probably just throw it away, but a couple of days past i heard the phone ring. I answered and to my surprise i heard " eeh, this is TT the Rosta Mon" It seriously made my Day. For some reason i was way happy to hear his voice. I think partly because he has a way cool accent, but mainly because i really think he has a strong interest in the church. We haven't been able to meet with him yet, but i am hoping that very soon we will.

Another thing that happened to us is that a member came up and told us he want us to baptize his 11 year old daughter. The catch was that she is deaf and doesn't know how to speak sign or any thing. So i called president smith to see if we could baptize her, he said sure as long as she can pass the baptismal interview. I tried to make the point that she doesn't speak English or sign. He got a little mad at me and told me that this was the only way. So on Wednesday we went and visited her, she knew a few signs that her and her family made up. I was there trying to teach her signs that i remembered from high school. The whole time I kept thinking gosh dangit i wish i would have payed attention in Mr.Selbys Class. We also showed her some pictures, and everytime she saw a picture of christ she pointed up.I think she was pointing to heaven. Now i have no idea how she knew that christ is up in heaven, but she knew. She honstly doesnt know her own name but she knows that christ is up i heaven. We also showed her a picture of a little girl that was being baptized, she pointed to the picture and then herself. It was a way awesome experiecne. We are going to continue to try and teach her with pictures using any signs i can remember.

I think i have now completley adapted to my new area, i wouldent be suprized if i was here a long time. It sounds like everyone is doing good at home. Sorry that i didnt get a Email off last week. Please let me know if this one is long enough. Thankyou so much.

Love Elder Sam Beck"

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