Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aug 16

Sam's email from Aug 16:

"Dear Family,

Thank you as always for the wonderful Emails. I am so happy to hear that Dads health is getting better. My week has been pretty good.

On Tuesday the office elders came to give us bunk beds. They were leaving to go give the Elders in Prison lunch. Elder Omale and Elder Keeng are being temporarily placed in a prison at Jamestown which is right next to my area. I asked the office elders if we could come and they said "yeah, of course." On the way there i was really nervous to see them. I kept thinking if I were them, how would i be feeling. When we got the we walked into the prison and i heard someone say " Elder Beck, you are growing slim out there! and rather I am growing fat in here." That was elder Keengs voice. I looked to my left and I saw Elder Keeng and elder Omale with smiles on their faces. They asked me how i was and i got to talk to them for a few minutes. They both looked lke they shouldnt be there. They just looked different from all the other prisoners. As we left the room i yelled " I love you guys". Elder keeng yelled it back. And that was the last thing i was able to say to them. I dont know if i will ever see them again. Seeing how positive they were was a way humbling experience for me. I was being lesss positive than them and they were the victims. They are two strong men. I know if i was in there shoes i wouldnty be able to be that positive. They are great examples to me.

Last week we contacted a women named E. She came to church and seemed to enjoy it. We went and taught her and her 5 childern. All childern loved what we taught and sister E hated it. We taught them the book of mormon and sister E was very mad. Telling us the bible is everything and we need no more. We left there home on kind of a bad note. On sunday sister E didnt come to church, but the childern did. And they loved it. It was kind of cool that sister E led us to people that were ready to here our message. We are working very hard to get sister E to join the family. I think the way to do that is to get the rest of the family strong first.

We are also teaching a sweet guy named V. He came to church on sunday and after church told us that he was convinced this is true. It was a way cool experience to here him say that. He kept telling me that what everyone is saying about the church is false. The church is true.

Also another awesome thing that happend. I heard from Elder Larsen about how New Legon is doing. He told me that sister Eu, one of my recent converts that i told you about was called to be the primary presidnet in the branch. It made me so happy to here that she is doing so well. And remember R ( the drunk guy that contacted Elder Ewudzie and I) He is doing really good. He came to church and starting crying after because he felt the spirit so strong. He is going to be baptized coming up here real soon. Hearing that made me realize that no work is wasted. We taught and taught that guy and he always find a way out to take that step to come to church. Now finaly he came and felt what we were telling him was true. It makes so happy to here about that.

I am pretty much used to cantoments now. Elder Madamombe and I are working as hard as we can. Everyday we come home and just fall into our beds. The days are going by like binks of an eye. As for everything else i am doing very well. I am so happy to hear that Dads test went well. Have a great week and please tell me if there is anything i can do? I love you all so much. Thankyou for being that best family in the world.
Love Elder Beck

P.S. tell joey that the boys here jump down in the gutters and catch fish with there hands."

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