Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aug 30

Sam's email from Aug 30:

"Dear Family,

I know I know i say this every week but thank you for your emails. It sounds like everything is going good. I am happy to hear that Dads cancer Levels are going down. I am also excited to hear that jenny might get her license. I think she is now closer than she has ever been and very excited to hear that Joe bro might be playing football. Mom i hope your ulcer goes away, i cant imagine how much pain that is. Mallory thank you for making everyone write me letters. Oh yeah and thanks mom for sending those packages, but just curios how many did you send?

As for me i am doing pretty good. Do you remember the lady i told you about named sister M. She is a liberian women came to church last Sunday for her first time. On Tuesday we went to her house to teach her. Before we could even start the lesson she told us how good she felt when she came. We then immediately asked her where she thought that feeling was coming from. She said she felt like is was god telling her where she needed to be. We were like "yeah we think so too." She then told us that she has to go to her church one last time this week because she is the choir leader or something and that it would be rude to leave right away. With hesitancy we said okay okay. I am really excited to go and see her this week. We have just taught her about the book of Mormon and i really want to see how she feels about it.

I am having a hard time trying to remember who i have told you about. We are teaching this man named A. When we first met him he was an alcoholic. We talked to him about why it would be important for him to stop drinking. He told He can quit anytime. At the moment i really believed him. Him and his family have been coming to church. We made a calender for him to quit drinking. We told him everyday he doesn't drink he should put an X through the day. It had been about 2 weeks and he had put an X through every day. So we were very happy with how he was doing. We taught him Saturday night and right after we finished the lesson his wife made us stay for some Fofo. A Disipeared, so i asked his wife (This is one of the nicest women that i have ever met that takes care of everything because A Drinks too much) She said to me "A dah drink, My body dah bad" Which basically means in pigion that albert went to drink and she is not happy about it at all. I was amazed that this man really just finished talking with us about not drinking and went to drink. After that lesson i was a little discouraged, but we are going to keep working with him. I think we are going to talk with him about honesty now.

Speaking of Drinking, do you remember R. He was that man that Elder Ewudzie and I found when i was in New legon that was a crazy drinking, pot smoking dude. Well i guess all the work we spent on him was not wasted because he was baptized yesterday. Elder Larsen kept working with him after i left and was able to get him to keep his commitments. I am so happy this guy was baptized. he honestly made a complete 180. he is a way sweet guy.

On saturday there was a way sweet program but in by all the youth in ghana. It was called the Mighty change. It was actauly pretty good despite the lack of resources they had. They basically taught everyone what the Book of mormon was but in a big performence. It was pretty cool.

Well thats about it for me. I am really starting to enjoy cantoments. The area is really big and hard to manage, but the people we are teaching are awesome. I got on early today because my district wants me to go to the beach with them today. so hopefully i will get to talk with you next week. I love you all so much. Keep me updated on everything that is going on. Have a great week

Elder Beck"

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