Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oct 4

Sam's email from Oct 4:

"Dear family,

Thank you so much for the Emails as always. Joey i hope you had a awesome birthday. I am glad you enjoyed conference. We didnt get to watch it, but we will get to watch 2 sessions next week in church. And as for the question about hottness, yes it is always hot here...always.

For the most part i had a good week. A ended up being a little stressful but good for the most part. After i finished emailing you last week I got to go and play basketball at the stake center with some of my recent converts and their friends. It was so awesome to go and play, but i realized it had been a long time since i have done some serious physical activity because the next day i woke up and i thought i was going to die because of my soreness. It has been a long time since my legs have been that tight. The next couple of days were pretty tough to be riding a bike, but it went away.

On Friday i got to go and visit a women named Sister B that we have been teaching. She wanted very badly to make us some FuFu. So she had us sit down and she brought elder Madamombe and I 2 amazingly hug plates of FuFu and some Palm Nut soup. We blessed it then i dipped my hand in side the soup to start eating. My hand was burned, not by the heat, but by the amount of pepper in side the soup. Now you have to realize it is very rude to not eat all your food in Ghana, very rude. So i have learned to always finish my plate. I realized very quickly that this particular plate of FuFu was going to be a challenge. So i got started quickly and i made it about halfway and i stopped to rest. I had tears running down my face because it was so hot. Now a lesser man would have quit, but i pressed on. I kept working and i made it with just a little bit left in the bowl and i just couldn't take another bite. My companion helped me out a little and we were able to get both our plates clean for the most part. And i will tell you pepper is hotter coming out than going in. And that all i will say. I was pretty proud of myself when we left that day. So proud i thought it was important to tell you about the experience.

The hard part of the week was we were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday at 9 o clock, but that morning no water came at all. So we couldn't have the baptism. I had to call and tell our candidate (brother A) to wait until we figured things out. We finally found out there was water in a place in Accra called in New town. The new town ward was going to have their baptism at 5 oclock, but because we already had members at the church i thought we should try and get ours done now. So i call brother A and i find out he is on his way to now on his way to a different place in Accra called Tema because he thought there was going to be no baptism. In the midst of all this President Smith shows up at our church to attend our baptism. He told me "elder Beck get that man baptized." So i listened to the council of my mission president and did everything i could to get brother A to the church. We finally go it planned out that we would join The New town Baptism at 5 o clock. We went and it turned out to be an awesome baptism. I think brother A really enjoyed it. The only problem was Brother A didn't show up at church the next day to be confirmed. We were not able to contact him and he wasn't home after church when we tried to go and see him. So we don't exactly understand what happened. It is a little stressful not having him confirmed though. We are going there on Tuesday and hopefully we an find out what the problem was. That was the tough part of my week, everything else went well.

You remember how last week i told you that a missionary has gone home every transfer since i have been on mission except this one. Well i think i shouldn't have said that because one missionary went home because he was sick. I hope very much that the next transfer is clean. Knock on wood. For everything else i am doing good. I am really enjoying my mission, it seems like it is just speeded up everyday. I am glad to hear that dad is still doing good and i am anxious to hear about the cancer spots. Thank you for everything. Have a great week. I love you all a ton

Sincerley Elder Beck!"

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