Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sep 6

Sam's email from Sep 6:

"Dear Family,

Thank you as always for the emails. I cant believe everyone is all ready going back to school. It seems like just yesterday that you got out of school. I am also excited to hear about jenny getting her license. The 10th is gonna be a big day for her. Oh yeah, joey, play the defensive line, that one is way more fun.

As for me, my week has been pretty long. Remember how i told you that almost half of my area is a place called Burma Camp. Which is a basically a big military base where all the Ghanaian soldiers and their families stay. Well the week started out going pretty well like normal. It was Tuesday, we were in Burma Camp walking with one of our investigators (S) when all of the sudden a man in a car comes up to us and starts freaking out on us. He is very mad because we are foreigners. He was telling us we could not be in Burma Camp. S told us the man has no right to make us leave. So the man took off in his car. We continued our day like nothing happened, but when it came time to leave Burma Camp we were stopped at the front gate. They talked to us for a long time and basically told us we could not come back to Burma Camp until we get permission from the Ministry of Defense. Which is basically a bunch of bulsh because there are foreigners living inside of Burma camp. I mean we are teaching a Liberian women there. Well that night i called president smith and he told me he would work on getting us to go back in, but for the mean time we should stay away from there. I told him we would , but the only hard part about that is that basically all the people we are teaching live inside Burma camp. We have 8 very serious investigators that we are hoping to baptize in the camp. So not going there hurts us very much.

So we went on with our week, and as i talked with members that live there i found out the best thing to do is to have my mission president write a letter that is asking for permission for us to proselyte in Burma Camp and take it to a place called DPR (department of Public Relations). I called and told president and he said he would write a letter for us. Friday night we got the letter but the DPR place is closed on the weekends. So we had to wait until today to take the letter. So we got up this morning hurried and finished our washing and the ran off to take the letter to Burma Camp (DPR). I asked a member that is a soldier named brother M to go with us so he could make us look good. We got through the gate like nothing happened and we went to DPR. When we got there they told us that we have every right to be there. Basically a Member of the military Police didn't like us or something and was making trouble for us. I have been told now that if we get any more trouble from any one i should just call brother M to come and tell the we have permission to be there. Basically it was all a lot of work for nothing. That was the bad part of my week.

The good part of my week was that we got to have a baptism. We baptized S on Saturday. I was a little nervous about the whole thing because we were not able to see him because of the Burma Camp thing. Despite my worries the Baptism turned out to be great. S is an awesome guy that is now in Gods Kingdom. We actually contacted S the 2nd day I was in Cantoments. It took us a while to get him to come to church, but when he finaly came he was there to stay. I remember when we asked him if he would be Baptized. He looked down for a long time and i just kept thinking in my head "oh no oh no hes gonna say no," but he looked up with a smile and said " yes ill do it" S is way awesome he talks to people about the church at his work and they always ask him a bunch of questions that he cant answer, so when ever we come to visit it him he always has a list of questions that he needs answers for. I know S is going to be a very strong member of the church, and bring many of his friends with him.

I am excited that i now have permission to go back into Burma Camp. I don't know why but the people there are ready to hear the gospel more than anyone else in our area.

I love you all so much, have a awesome week. You are the best family ever.

Elder Beck"

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