Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sep 13

Sam's email from Sep 13:

"Dear Family,

I am really sorry i do not have much today. The power was off all day and it just came on. So i am gonna try and write this email as fast as i can. Thank-you for the awesome amazing Emails. I am way happy that jenny past her drivers test, and i am way happy i am not in Vancouver because i don't wanna die with her on the roads..lol..I am just joking, i know jenny is a fantastic driver. I am also way happy that Dads cancer markers are still going down every time i hear news like that my heart jumps.

I guess i will tell you about my week real quick. We were very lucky to have another baptism. We baptized two sisters, Ones named S and ones name A. They are both real cool. Their Father is a member and there mother was a Catholic. They used to always go to church with there mother, and the mother wouldn't let them ever come or visit the church, but a few months ago the mother died. And the daughters after some time came and and visited the church. After church that day we went to visit them. A told me she was touched by how she felt and she wanted to be a member. Now its kind of a long story, but after teaching them for some time they were both baptized. I have become good friends with both these girls and i was so happy to be able to baptize them.

I am really sorry,but i am about out of time. I love you all so much. I want you to have a great week.

Love Elder Samuel Beck

P.S. - I promise to write a super long email next week"

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