Tuesday, October 26, 2010

July 23

Sam's email from July 23:

"Dear Family,

Thank you so much for the Emails. I am glad to hear that everyone is doing very well. Sounds like you guys had a pretty fun time out on the boat, i want you to know i was probably there in spirit. When ever you take the boat out i am there in spirit. That is why Dad mentioned my name. lol

Holy crap! I have had a pretty long week, but am doing well for the most part. I am now in Accra in a place called Cantoments which is very close to the mission home. When I arrived in Cantoments I really thought it was a way rich place. There were big houses with big huge gates all over the place. So when i first got to the Area we started knoking on these huge gates. Security gaurds would come and answer and always to tell us to go away. After knoking on about 5 of these gates and seeing that it wasnt working I started to get very frustrated. It took some time, but after a search of my Area i found up that it is made up of mostly shanty towns back behind the big houses. There is no point of trying to go to the big houses because they will not listen. Also in my area there is a place called Burma camp which is a military camp where many army men live with there families. So i think the shanty towns and there is where i will be doing most of my work.

I got a brand new companion named Elder Madamombe (Mada-mom-bae) who is from Zimbabwe. He is a big guy that kind of looks like Obama but blacker. He is a pretty cool guy and really wants to learn. It has been a little tough opening an Area and training at the same time. Elder Madamombe is brand new to the mission field. The reason this area has to be opened is because a couple of weeks ago the missionaries in this area got sent home for some reasons i would rather not say. So they still have some investigators, but it is very hard to find them because i dont know my way around the area. So for the most part we have just been contacting this week.

The other missionaries staying in my apartment are Named elder Atta (from nigeria) and elder Nsimbe (from Uganda) I do feel a little lonely being the only American in my apartment. It is kind of funny that i speak better Twi than all of them even though they are african. The apartment it self is not much to look at. It is in a close tie with Kasoa in badness. Even elder Madamombe doesnt like it. He says the missionaries in Zimbabwe stay in way nicer apartments, but people do always try and talk ther country way up. It bugs elder Madamombe to see goats and sheep to be wondering around in the middle of the city. Everytime we see some he just looks down and shakes his head.lol I think he misses Zimbabwe, but he will not admit it.

Remember how i told you i was homesick for Buduburam when i first was transferred. Now it is kind of the same thing, but for New Legon.lol

As for the missionaries in Prison. They are still there, it is a little scary that they have been there for that long. One of the couple missionareis told me that elder Omale is not doing to good. He is getting very upset with the situation and there is not much he can do about it. I dont blame him i think i would probably be doing worse than him if i was in there. I hope they get out this week. The longer they are in there the more scary this whole situation gets.

We contacted a man named brother T this week. When we sat down and he immediately started to go off on how joseph smith was a false prophet and how we dont need prophets these days. So we slowly got him to see that we do need prophets today. We got him to believe that, but not that joseph smith was a true prophet. So then we started talking about the book of mormon. He agreed to read and find out if it was true. I am really hoping that he finds out it is true. Brother T is a man that has a very strong personality and could help in the church so much.

I have been praying for dad and the family so much this week. Brother Collard sent me and email that told me you guys are very strong and positive. That makes me so happy, i got a good feeling about this cancer place in Arizona also. Please continue to keep me updated on everything that goes on. Have a great week.I love you so much. You are the best family ever. Keep being OSM.
Love Elder Sam Beck"

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