Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oct 11

Sam's email from Oct 11:

"Dear Family,

Thankyou as always for your emails. That sounds pretty crazy that johnny ran in the Portland marathon. What place did he end up getting any ways? And i think that is awesome that Joey received the the priesthood. I wish i would have understood the priesthood a little better when i was his age. So Joey i hope you realize the true honor in being able to hold Gods power.

My week went pretty good, we were able to go and see brother A this week. We found out the reason he didnt come to his confirmation was because somebody was trying to steal his land where he is planning to retire. So he said he had no choice, but to travel out there and to try and claim is land back. I guess that is a okay reason, but i still think receiving the holy ghost is more important.So we got everything cleared up and he promised us he would be at church very early on the 17th to receive the holy ghost.

Also this week My companion and I were doing a lot of contacting. We contacted this man named E and talked with him about Faith. He told us that he is a smoker, but he really wants to stop. We talked with him about baptism after that and we actually gave him a baptismal Date for the 13th of November. It was one of the first times i have tried to give someone a baptismal date the first time i teach them and i honestly i was so surprised to see him accept it. The next day i got a call from him reminding me that he would be coming to church on Sunday. We saw him a couple times during the week, but almost everyday from the time we gave him a baptismal date he called to let us know he was preparing. It was pretty cool so see how committed he was. On Sunday we were on our way to church and we got a call from E. He told us that he was at the front of the church, but he wanted us to come out and get him. I tried to tell him that we were not there yet so he should just go inside. But his voice started to get nervous and he told us he didn't want to enter with out us. I again told him to just go inside and we would be there very soon. He took a deep breath and said "Okay" and hung up the phone. When we got there he was sitting inside waiting for us with a big smile on his face. Church was a little bit different than normal, because we were watching general conference, but i think he really enjoyed it. I am really happy we contacted E. When we first met him i would have never expected him to be a person who was so ready to receive the gospel. it really made me realize that the Lord has his hand in things. He is preparing people and it is my job to find to find those people where ever they may be.

Also I really enjoyed conference. Its really cool to see how much you learn by listening to the prophet and his apostles speak. This conference was a little bit different that the other conferences i have seen before. When president Monson spoke i felt like some things just really hit me, and the weird thing about it was he wasn't even talking about those things. It was a pretty cool experience and i am glad i got to watch.

Transfers are coming up this week. I think i will probably stay, but you never know, so i guess i am just gonna have to wait and see and maybe i will be emailing you from a different place next week.

Thats Really cool that you got to see the amazing race in Kaneshee. I have been there on splits and for a couple other things before. Maybe you can try and save it so i an watch it when i get home.

Please continue to keep me up dated on all that's going on. I love you all so much. I hope you have a awesome week. Thank you for all you do.

Sincerely Elder Beck

P.S.- Don't let jenny go on any Dates. She shouldn't be going on dates or picnics until she is married."

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