Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oct 18

Sam's email from Oct 18:

Dear Family

Thank you again for the wonderful/awesome emails. I cant believe it is already Halloween again. I remember just before i left we all went to buzzy farms together to but pumpkins. That was a lot of fun listen to that Spanish guy sing also.

As for me i have had a pretty action packed week. Monday night i got a call from president smith telling me that i was going to be transfered to Mataheko on wednesday. So i went around on Tuesday and said goodbye to everyone. I was kind of mad i was being transfered because on Friday we were planning to baptize a women named sister B and her daughter A. I found out later that the Baptism went great, which made me happy.

Well anyways on Wednesday i said my goodbyes to Elder Madamombe and went to Mataheko. I got a new companion named Elder Jones from Orem, Utah. He is a really nice guy. Mataheko is a place that is right next to Kaneshie which i think you saw on amanzing race. When i arrived in Mataheko the other missionaries in our apartment was an elder named Elder Kargbo from Sierra Leone and a ward missionary named Brother Addo from a place called Latabicorshi in Ghana. On Friday though brother Addo got sent home because he was sick. So elder Kargbo got to come and join my companion and I and we all together made a threesome. It was a little tough being in a threesome, but we were able to manage. A new missionary from Ethiopia was homesick and went home so we were lucky to get a missionary from Zimbabwe to come and be in out district. His name is elder Maloni and he showed up today, he will be Elder Kargbos companion for the next transfer. Mataheko is a pretty cool area. It is not as nice as my old area,but i think i will still enjoy it. The hard thing about Mataheko is that my companion and i will go about and contact a ton of people and make Appointments to see them the next day. Each person will always give us a time to come, but then when we come they are never there. Its a little frustrating, but i think eventually ill get used to it.

We got a few cool investigators here though. One is a pretty cool guy named I. He washes cars for a living. The missionaries before me have been teaching him for a while. I can allready tell he has a strong testimony. He is preparing to be baptized on the 13th of november. The first time i sat down with him i asked him why he wanted to be Baptized. He kind of got quiet and told us that he has done some things in the past that he really regrets. When he told us that i could really see that he was feeling bad about the things that he had done. I thought for a second that he was going to start crying. It really made me think about Enos in the Book of Mormon and how bad he felt about the things he had done and how he felt those sins go away when he repented. We left enos for I to read in the book of mormon and i am really excited to go back and talk about with him.

Well that is about it for me. I am glad that everyone is doing well back home. Also thank-you for sending the awesome packages. I ate everything but the Bacon, i am saving that. Thank you for all you do. I hope you have an awesome week. I love you all so much.

Love Elder beck"

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