Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aug 2

Sam's email from Aug 2:

"Dear Family,

Thankyou so much for the emails. It sounds like everyone had quite a week.

My week has been pretty good. On thursday and friday i got a little sick. It wasnt very bad at all. I just was aching and had cold chills. On friday in the evening i wanted to go out. We got to our Area and I thought i saw Elder Farnbach teaching someone in my Area. I shook my head and looked again. I stood there for like 20 seconds thinking" oh know i am really sick, i am seeing things" I walked over to what i thought was elder Fanbach and i found out it really was elder Farnbach. Apparently he and another missionary got dropped off in my area to contact because his companion had to go and testify about The missionaries in prison. It was a pretty cool reunion to see him.

We sat down somewhere and talked for like an hour and a half. It was lucky i saw him i was having a pretty tough day and he cheered me right up. He told me a lot about what is going on with the case with those missionaries in prison. I guess there case is finaly going on. They are doing really well. It sounds like the missionaries are going to win. The judge said the case has to be over by the 6th because he is leaving to go on vacation. So it sounds like there going to get out this week.

For Elder Madamombe and I's first week in cantoments we are doing really well. We are teaching a ton and working way hard. We come home and the end of the day and just fall into our beds. We stay in a place called Labadi, and every day we have to take like a 30 minute bike ride to our area. So we defentley get plenty of exercise.
We met a way cool family. The moms name is R and she never lets us teach her, but on friday we went to see her and she was so amazed that i was sick and still proslyting. She started asking us a ton of questions about the church. Elder Madamombe and I answered them very well and then bore our testimonys to her. I could tell she really felt what we said. She is not ready to visit the church, but i defentley think we planted a strong seed.
As for my sickness, it has completley gone away. Sister Smith gave me some medicenne and it cleared it right up. I am felling very strong.

Oh yeah i want to make sure i answer Dads question about contacting. Contacting here is a lot easier than in new Legon. Now that we have found the shanty towns we just walk around untill we see someone we think needs to hear our message. Alot of times we will see a women outside cooking. We will walk up and i'll say "Mabwao?" which means "Can I help?" Usaully that is enough to get a coversation going and we go from there. I have learned a lot of different ways to contact since i have been on my mission.

Well i guess that is about it for my week. I want everyone to know i love you so much. I hope you have a awesome week. I am going to try and send home some stuff for you guys very soon. I love you a ton. Have a great week.

Love Elder Beck"

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