Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sep 20

Sam's email from Sep 20:

"Dear Family,

I am sorry about my way short email last week, we were way busy and we just ran out of time. Thanks for your Emails this week though. Oh and also thank-you so much for the packages. I got a lot of stuff. I think i got 3 flat rate envelopes and 1 big box, and i heard i had another big box at the mission home. The office elders are beging me to tell you to not send boxes, because they are very hard to get from the post office and they are expensive. So thankyou so mush for sending the food, i am loving everything about it, i hope it can make it to the end of the week.lol.

As for me i am really enjoying my mission. We are gonna have a baptism this week. We are finally gonna Baptize the D family i have been telling you about. Not all the whole family, but E, K and C. I am so excited for this baptism, i know i have said this before but these are my favorite people. The lessons with them have been soo crazy, but so spiritual at the same time. I will tell you more about them next week.

We are also teaching a guy named V. V is awesome, he is basically the fastest man in Ghana. He is a track star for Ghana and runs the 100 and 200 meters. He travels all the time to go to big training things and track meets in other country's. So its been hard getting time to teach him, but a couple of weeks ago we invited him to church and he came. At the end of church he came up and told me he was convinced. I really wanted to go and teach him, but he had to travel to Nigeria for a big track meet and training for a couple of weeks. He came back and called me to come and see him. We went and had the most amazing lesson with him. We talked about him praying to know and then baptism. He told us that when he prayed the words " god thank-you for helping me find the true church" just came out and the he knew it was true. We then talked with him about baptism, he wanted to be baptized tomorrow, but we told him he has to come to church 4 times before he can be baptized. So we commit-ed him to the 16th because i knew he would have a lot of stuff going on. Before the lesson he told us he had to travel to Kumassi to do something. After the lesson we told him it was okay if he went to Kumassi, because he has 5 Sundays before his baptism. He looked up at us and said "No! i need to be at church on Sunday! I will find a way." Sure enough he walked into church wearing a spinner belt buckle Sunday morning. It was awesome to see him. I am so excited to be able to help this man enter into Gods kingdom.

Also this week has been particularly tough on elder Madamombe because we have been out of gas and not able to cook. No you have to understand elder Madamombe, he eats 2 times a day one time in the morning right when he wakes up and one time in the evening right before he goes to bed. And he loves to eat! Everytime he eats he makes a ton of food and eats every crum. Since we have not had gas it has thrown off his eating schedule. He is forced to buy bread and have that with water, it was pretty funny to see his face. He would always say "Guys we need to get gas, this is too bad." We have gotten gas this morning so i think he is way excited to go home and eat. I have really learned to like Elder Madamombe, we are getting a long very well.

Well thats about it for me this week. Thank you again for the packages and the emails. And i want you to have a awesome week. Thankyou
Elder Sam Beck

P.S.- thankyou also for the letters....i will write back very soon"

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